Project Description

Pro Competition Boxing Ring


7.8mx7.8mx1m Professional Strong Boxing Ring Used In Competition, Pro Competition Boxing Ring for AIBA, IBF, Olympic Rules.

Ideal Pro Competition Boxing Ring for Boxing Associations! With Pro Competition Boxing Ring  you can organize international events. Professional competition boxing ring is with official size 7.8m x 7.8mx1m.

The outstanding feature of the Competition Boxing Ring use the drop and lock system. The quick, no bolt, assembly process assures that you can sit this ring up and take it down quickly and easily and transport or store your ring for the next event.  Set-up the entire ring in less than an hour with specially engineered drop-in frame pieces. No bolts necessary! The frame is comprised of heavy-gauge steel, providing a strong and reliable boxing stage for your gym.


  • Structure Steel post and frames offer supports and security for ultimate in stability.
  • All frames or posts by power coated anti-rust treatment are for long-lasting performance.
  • Easy install step by step with two mans in 1 hour.
  • High quality standards, warranty for 10 years.


  1. 4 Corner Posts which are constructed heavy-guage structural steel.
  2. Full set of Steel Frames which is constructed of heavy duty steel tube.
  3. 4 sets of Corner Backrests(1 Red,1 Blue, 2 White).
  4. Full set of 2.5cm(1″) thick Protection High Density Padding Mat.
  5. 1 set of Floor Cover which is made of heavy-duty anti-slip canvas. Black, blue, and grey are available.
  6. Full set of 3cm(1-1/5”) Noise Reduction Polywood Flooring.
  7. 2 player seats(1 Red, 1 Blue).
  8. 1 set of Hook & Loop Ring Skirt which is built of 22oz Vinyl. Black, red, and blue are available.
  9. 4 sets of Ring Ropes and 8 ring rope spacers(2 Red, 2 Blue, 4 White).
  10. 16 Turnbuckles and 16 Turnbuckle Covers (4 Red, 4 Blue, 8 White).
  11. 2 Stairs, one is red and one is blue.
  12. 2x Gargling Water Collection System.

custom competition boxing ringPro Competition Boxing Ring is your source for Boxing rings, MMA Cages, Boxing Equipment, Martial Arts Equipment & gear Supplies.

Pro Competition Boxing Ring 

SpecificationPro Competition boxing ring 4mx4mPro Competition boxing ring 5mx5mPro Competition boxing ring 6mx6mPro Competition boxing ring 7mx7mPro Competition boxing ring 7.8mx7.8m
Item noBREDL300-4BREDL300-5BRED300-6BREDL300-7BREDL300-7.8
Out size4mx4m (13.1 ft.)5mx5m (16.4 ft.)6mx6m (19.6 ft.)7mx7m (22.9 ft.)7.8mx7.8m (25.6 ft.)
Inner size between ropes3mx3m (9.8 ft.)4mx4m (13.1 ft.)5mx5m (16.4 ft.)6mx6m (19.6 ft.)6.1mx6.1m (20.1 ft.)
Height of the elevated floor0.3 (1 ft.)0.5m (1.6 ft.)0.5m (1.6 ft.)1.0m (3.2 ft.)1.0m (3.2 ft.)
The material of frameHeavy-duty steelHeavy-duty steelHeavy-duty steelHeavy-duty steelHeavy-duty steel
Construction10 years
Others2 years except tear and wear

OEM is available! Welcome to consult with size, pattern, logo and others.

We support customized free design for each Pro Competition Boxing Ring. If you want to want to have a Competition Boxing Ring with your specific size to fit your club, and have a Boxing Ring with the colour of your club, we will produce it for you according to your requirements. We can print your logos or your sponsors on the ring. We have professional machine and inkjet printers, you just give us your resolution Logo, then we make them perfectly!

We can put your logo on:

  • The boxing ropes
  • The corners
  • Rope connectors
  • The chain cover
  • Side skirts

And we will produce:

  • Advertising triangles
  • Advertising cubes


 Vinyl or canvas mat cover can be selected
The colors of mat cover and ring aprons can be selected
The ring height can be selected – up to 42″ floor height (36″ is the most common)
The color of your turnbuckle pads can be selected
The color of your turnbuckle sleeves/covers can be selected
The color of ring ropes can be selected
The style of ring rope can be selected, cable ropes or real rope style ring ropes

custom boxing ring floor 6m

Production Process of Pro Competition Boxing Ring

wresting ring 4mMain frame of training boxing ring adopts Full set of Steel Frames, constructed of 8cmx10cm steel tube.

wresting ring 5mColumn: The 4 posts are connected with the boxing ring. Every post cover with a layer of PU sponge on it.

wresting ring 6mRope: The cover is made in thicker elastic PU. The inside is plastic rope and high density rubber,
made in hand. Durable and not easy to deform in long time use.
wresting ring 7mCorner cushion: The corner cushion is used for rest. Outside is made of elastic PU, EVA and sponge layer inside,
full in shape and comfortble to use.

professional boxing ring 6mTensioner: The tensioner is used to adjust ring rope tightness of rewinding. The newest tensioner is more stable,
convenient and quickly adjust. All of them covered with colored PU sponge surface.small boxing ring 5m gymFlooring: Full set of 3cm(1-1/5”) Noise Reduction Polywood Flooring and high density padding mats,
covered with heavy-duty anti-slip canvas sheet or 22oz Vinyl sheet.

custom size mma boxing ringRing covers: High density pure cotton ring cover. Double firmness all around the boxing ring by knitted rope.

professional boxing ring 8mStools: Revolved seats on all sides are used in the break for contestants.

professional boxing ring 7mAll steel post and frames are packaged with Protection Bubble Wraps, accessories are in standard carton box or plywood box.

Packaging Volume: 10.5m3
G.W.: 2300KG