Project Description

Boxing Kicking Heavy Punching Bag

Item no:BBP100

The Boxing Kicking Heavy Punching Bag is made with the high quality PU. Filled with a thick layer of foam and cloth piece. Come with patent swivel and chain. It is perfect heavybag for any boxer looking to work on combinations and technique.

Using new materials. Light, durable and good protection.


Material: High quality PU
Colour: Black, red, blue, grey or according to clients request
Size: 120cm×38cm


  • Solve the problem of long-term hanging tearing. We use anti-tear hard leather links and sandbags.
  • 360 degree rotator,completely solve the problem of knotting knots.
  • Bottom crossover belt design, prevent deformation and increase its own load-bearing capacity.
  • Crack resistant, and non-deformed.
  • Prevent the ocurrence of uneven force in the process of sandbags, internal running position deformation and other phenomena appear.
  • Built-in iron core, four chains throughout the package.
  • Meet multi-spec, multi-color and multi-demand.

Boxing Kicking Heavy Punching BagBoxing Heavy Punching Bag

Boxing Punching Bag