Floor boxing ring for sale!

Our floor ring for sale is high quality and simple to set up.

We produce a wide range of floor boxing rings for sale! Generally, floor boxing rings have two basic constructions: fixed floor boxing ring and portable floor boxing ring.

The Fixed Floor Boxing Ring is designed to be fixed to a solid floor and it’s the simple and economic boxing ring ideal for gyms with low ceiling. If you are looking for a economy boxing ring for your gym, it’s the best choice.

The Portable Boxing Ring doesn’t need to be drilled into the ground or wall, so it can be easily transported from place to place. It can be put on the tatami mats. It’s for permanent or temporary placement in professional gyms, boxing clubs, kickboxing training centers, health clubs, fitness centers, MMA schools, recreation centers, or organization that does not want, or can not,  bolt a ring to their floor.  You just need to screw the steel frame of the boxing ring together and it is ready to be used.

Due to the floor mounted ring having less components to a traditional boxing ring, it can be assembled and taken down in approximately 20 minutes (2-man team), making it great for clubs.

All Floor Boxing Ring for Sale are completely free standing quick assembly boxing ring.

Flooring for Floor Boxing Ring can be purchased separately, 20mm or 25mm jigsaw Mat, heavy-duty canvas floor or 22oz vinyl coated nylon fabric floor.

Available in three sizes and you can custom the size.

13ft with a 10ft fight area
15ft with a 12ft fight area
17ft with a 14ft fight area
19ft with a 16ft fight area